Guide for Approved Partners

Once you become an approved Community Partner organization, you will receive a confirmation email with your username and password. Then you will be ready to log-in and enter your volunteer needs into our Partner Portal. It's a relatively easy tool, however, it may be helpful to quickly read through the terms that we use and the information that you will need to prepare to enter.  

Here is a List of Terms That We Use: 


You will need to create a VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY for each project or activity that you need volunteers. VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY examples include asking a volunteer to: clean a park, tutor children, sort canned goods, paint a school, enter computer data, register attendees at a fundraiser, teach a course, etc.


Each date/time that you need volunteers is called an OCCURRENCE. You will need to select at least one OCCURRENCE for each Volunteer Opportunity. (For example, a park clean-up might take place on Saturday, January 1st at 10:00 a.m.-12:00 noon.)  So that date and time would be your OCCURRENCE for your park clean-up volunteer opportunity. Sometimes you may have different shifts or multiple dates that you need volunteers for. Each separate date and time will need to be entered as a different OCCURRENCE.


Each Volunteer Opportunity happens at a LOCATION. This should be the address of where you want the volunteers to show up to serve. In most cases, all the Occurrences will take place at the same LOCATION, but in some cases, they might be different, and so each Occurrence will need its own address and directions. (Example: Saturday morning the group cleans up one beach, but in the afternoon after lunch, they move along the coast to another beach)  We set the privacy on your LOCATIONS to only show city and zip code so you don't need to be concerned about publically displaying sensitive information such as a senior's home address, etc.

What Information Will I Need? 

Click here for a list of the information you will need to enter for each VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY