#Heart2HeartHunt #AtTheHeartOfHelping


The Heart to Heart Scavenger Hunt was a fun, COVID-safe, family-friendly virtual community event that raised more than $8,500 in funds for the Volunteer Center. Using the GooseChase app, participants took part in dozens of zany challenges throughout the day. 

A special shout out to team I Tried- they slid into first place in the final hour, causing a three-way tie for second place! The more challenges that a team finished, the more chances they had to win a prize. The three prize winning teams ended up being Monarchy, KristaSpen, and Tomithy, K8 & Fam. They will be receiving a variety of gift cards, including a generous donation from sponsor, In-N-Out.




Coming Soon!
A heartfelt thank you to the other in-kind donors and volunteers: