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The Volunteer Center South Bay-Harbor-Long Beach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and most types of gifts are fully tax-deductible.

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Donate to Support Our Programs

We have several programs that make a real difference in our community.

Greatest Need - Inspire, mobilize and empower thousands of volunteers, so we can make a difference in the community together

We are uniquely positioned to empower and connect volunteers to rewarding opportunities that address the critical needs of our community.

Operation Teddy Bear® - A literacy program that teaches kindness to thousands of underserved first-graders at local elementary schools

Operation Teddy Bear® provides underserved first grade students in our service area with a lesson in kindness, compassion, volunteering and identifying emotions, along with schoolbags filled with books, educational supplies and wellness tools. Click here to learn more.

Food For Kids - A volunteer-drive food pantry that provides non-perishable food to the families of elementary school children in need

Volunteers assemble and deliver bags of donated food to select, local elementary schools on Fridays for the students to take home and consume over the weekend. Each bag is filled with enough non-perishable food to provide two breakfasts, two lunches and two dinners. Click here to learn more.

Mental Health - Compassionately supporting local youth and families through new strategies to increase empathy and resilience

With the arrival of our new President/CEO in 2016, the Board of Directors took on a strategic planning process to establish an updated vision for the Volunteer Center's future. The plan included an evaluation of our current programs and an assessment of the community's current needs. After combing through data and speaking with members of the community, it became quite clear that their top concern was the mental health crisis facing our youth, and specifically, how excessive screen time and social media addiction are affecting their social and emotional health. Click here to learn more.

Engaging Hearts and Minds - Our new, all-encompassing approach that combines the three new mental health strategies with updates to our existing programs

Few organizations are addressing the youth mental health crisis by encouraging families to reduce screen time and increase face-to-face connections, self-care, empathy and resilience. Together, we can help our community reconnect with each other amidst this new, screen-focused reality and improve the mental, social and emotional health of our community’s next generation. Click here to learn more.

Endowment - Your donations ensure future generations will continue to enjoy our programs and services

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To make a donation by mail, send a check made payable to the Volunteer Center to 1230 Cravens Ave, Torrance, CA 90501.  Click here for a printable form to complete and mail with your check. Questions? Contact us at or (310) 212-5009. 

Other Ways to Donate

There are many other ways that you can choose to support us - click on any of the links below for more information.

If you have any questions about how the Volunteer Center can meet your charitable goals for the future, please contact President/CEO Sara Myers at or (310) 212-5009.

The CARES Act and Charitable Contributions to Qualifying Organizations, including the Volunteer Center

  • Individuals who claim the standard deduction in 2020: Deduct up to $300 of cash donations.
  • Individuals who itemize deductions in 2020: The deductible amount has been raised from 60% to 100% of adjusted gross income.
  • In-Kind Food Donations: The tax deduction has been raised from 15% to 25% for 2020. Click here for our temporary food donation process - currently by appointment only.
  • Corporations: The cash gift limit has been raised from 10% to 25% of corporate taxable income for 2020.

These details are provided for convenience purposes only. Please consult your tax advisor for more information. References: Forbes | | Independent Sector