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We are accepting food donations - by appointment only - as long as our main office in Torrance remains open. Click here for complete details about our temporary food donation procedures.

All guests must wear masks and practice social distancing when visiting the Volunteer Center. In addition, we ask that you do not visit if you are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness, including fever or cough.

How can any child concentrate in school when they are hungry?

While low-income students receive school-provided meals for breakfast and lunch during the week, many of their families are unable to feed them adequately on the weekends. The students then arrive at school on Monday without the proper nourishment, which can negatively affect their school performance and self-esteem. 

That’s where Food For Kids comes in... our volunteer and donation-driven food pantry provides bags of non-perishable food and health-related inserts to low-income students at partner schools in the South Bay and Harbor areas each week. Volunteers assemble and deliver bags of food filled with items to make 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 2 dinners to the schools on Fridays. The school administration identifies the families with the greatest need each week, and the students take the bags home to share with their families over the weekend.

COVID-19 Update

We have been communicating with our Food For Kids partner schools to explore the best ways to continue to support families during the pandemic. We are happy to report that we are continuing to deliver bags of food to multiple sites to help local families in need during this challenging time, despite school closures.

Special Food For Kids delivery at Torrance Unified School District WEEK 1

Our school contacts told us that they had been getting calls from families all week after the closures wanting to know if we would still be bringing our weekly bags of food. Everyone was so incredibly grateful and happy to see us during our first deliveries - they kept saying "thank you!"


We visited Torrance Unified School District's Family Resource Room with a special delivery of supplies for Project Hope, serving the district's homeless families. South High School alumna Kimmy Shields began volunteering with us that week and participated in the special drop-off!

Special Spring Holiday GiftWEEK 3

A staff member asked us if we could provide bags of food for a few families living in a shelter, and the answer was a resounding, "yes!" It definitely warmed our hearts to know we were helping local families who are having an especially difficult time right now.


We wanted to make this week's delivery extra special, so each bag included a Spring holiday-themed book for the kids courtesy of the Molina Foundation! Luckily, face masks don't hide a person's eyes... while we always see gratitude in the faces of the families as they pick up the weekend meals, the additional excitement showed an extra sparkle of joy this week!

Continuing to Make A Difference Together with Torrance Unified School District and Torrance Council of PTAsContinuing to Make A Difference Together

We joined together with Torrance Unified School District's Building Bridges Collaborative and Torrance Council of PTAs' Project Hope in late April as they provided supply boxes filled with non-perishable food, school supplies and hygiene products to 50 homeless families. We contributed 30 bags of food - in addition to the 20 bags we provided in late March - and our Food For Kids volunteers helped prepare and distribute the supply boxes to the extremely grateful families - all at a safe distance!

Herbalife bags and notebooks for families through Food For Kids Providing Masks and More!

As part of our second year as a Casa Herbalife partner, the families we serve will receive food in wonderful, reusable Herbalife bags, as well as coordinating notebooks, which we hope they will use to write about their feelings and emotions.

Masks from the Molina Foundation and SCORE SportsIn addition, our friends at the Molina Foundation and SCORE Sports in Wilmington donated reusable face masks for the families we serve. When we began distributing the masks with our weekly bags of food, some of the families told us that they already had masks, so they would rather leave the donated masks for the families who truly need them... kindness and compassion abound - right when we need it most!

Making a Difference Together with TUSD and TCPTAWe were also delighted to be able to once again join Torrance Unified School District's Building Bridges Collaborative and Torrance Council of PTAs' Project Hope in early June as they prepared and provided more supply boxes filled with non-perishable food, school supplies and hygiene products for the district's homeless families. We contributed another 30 bags of food and the helping hands of our volunteers, plus we passed along some of the Herbalife bags and notebooks, as well as some of the donated masks, showing that making a difference together is at the heart of what we do!

Food For Kids thank you note
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the children and their families.

How You Can Help

 Make a Monetary Donation

Make an immediate impact by helping us provide weekend meals to families in need! (It costs approximately $15-20 to provide one bag of food to a family at one of our partner schools.)

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 Program Sponsorships

Food For Kids Sponsorships are available for companies and organizations who want to make a greater impact in the community. Click here for more information.

 Make a Food Donation

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Please note: No glass containers, bulk-size items or expired food.

We are accepting food donations - by appointment only - as long as our main office remains open (1230 Cravens Avenue, Torrance). We will continue to post updates here and on our social media channels as the situation evolves.

If you would like to donate food, please follow these temporary procedures to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff

  • If you are healthy and in a low-risk age group, please email to make a drop-off appointment. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response and note that we are not open on weekends.
  • If you are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness (including fever or cough), we ask that you reschedule your visit for another time, after you have been healthy without symptoms for several days.
  • At your designated drop-off time, you can drive up to the ramp adjacent to our parking lot, and our staff will work with you to help you remain six feet away as you unload your donation. Please note that all guests must wear masks and practice social distancing when visiting the Volunteer Center.

Support us using our Wish List
 Shop our Wish List

We've made it easy for you to support Food For Kids through our Wish List! Skim the list here and consider adding something to your cart. You can have the items shipped directly to the Volunteer Center at checkout - an option when selecting the delivery address - and if you use AmazonSmile, we will also benefit from eligible purchases.

If you purchase items from our Amazon Wish List, please send us an email to let us know what to expect! This will help us know to look for the package(s) and we can thank you properly, since Amazon doesn't always includes details about who sends us the donations.

 Food Drives

There is a food drive for every type of organization. For a range of fun and productive ideas, read our Food Drive Tips and Tricks

 Volunteer Interest

We do not need additional volunteers to help with Food For Kids at this time. If you would like to be added to our Food For Kids Volunteer Interest List, please complete this form, and we will contact you if space becomes available.

You are welcome to come meet with us and see the food pantry first-hand or we can speak to your group. For more information and other ways you can help, contact us at or (310) 212-5009.

Food For Kids is made possible thanks to the support our generous community of donors and our major sponsors:

  Herbalife Nutrition Foundation  
Bank of America No Kid Hungry Albertsons Companies Foundation Nourishing Neighbors Community Relief
Chevron Kinecta The Kroger Co Zero Hunger Zero Waste Foundation and Ralphs Operating Division
Sempra Energy Foundation Watson Land Company Carl E. Wynn Foundation Whitney Young Children's Foundation

What you do makes a difference to real children, and it is deeply appreciated by the children and their families.

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