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Honor Roll of Donors 2019-2020

We are fortunate that our amazing community of donors provides a wide array of resources, from financial support to in-kind donations. The Volunteer Center depends on the incredible generosity of our donors, and we are truly grateful to the following individuals, corporations and organizations for their contributions each year.

The list below is a draft of our donor recognition list reflecting financial contributions received between July 1, 2019 and May 21, 2020 (the final list for the full fiscal year will also reflect in-kind donations).

For errors or corrections to donor names and/or categories, please contact Liz Reinhardt, Director of Fund Development and Marketing, at marketing@volcenter.org.

"At the Heart of Giving"

Leadership Circle
$10,000 and up

Bank of America

Herbalife Nutrition Foundation

John Deere Foundation

The Rudolph J. and Daphne A. Munzer Foundation

Valero Refinery

$5,000 - $9,999

Affinity Group of the Volunteer Center

Kinecta Federal Credit Union

The Kroger Co. Foundation

Port of Los Angeles

Smith-Welsh Foundation

Urban Plates

Watson Land Company

Carl E. Wynn Foundation

Whitney Young Children's Foundation

$1,000 - $4,999

Jean Adelsman*


Pam Barrett-Hill and Jim Hill

Pauline Beecroft

Dianne and Hans Bozler

California Mental Health Services Authority

Chevron Products Co.

Anne and Ray Destabelle

Robert and Terry Hall

Hermosa Beach Kiwanis Club

John Deere

Carolin Keith Wade and Bob Wade

Lea Ann King*

Los Angeles Trial Lawyers' Charities

Manhattan Beach Rotary Charitable Foundation

Diana and Ray Martin

Port of Long Beach

Sandpipers Philanthropy Trust

Sempra Energy Foundation

Smart & Final Stores

Supervisor Janice Hahn's Office*

$500 - $999

The California Endowment

City of Torrance*

Mary Halligan

Hermosa Friends Foundation

The Holt Family

Hyatt Regency Long Beach

Jane Isomoto

Ellen and Bob Kircher

Roderick and Crystal MacDonell

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pando

Kodumudi and Usha Radhakrishnan

Linda and Victor Reinhardt

Carol Risher

Bill and Diane Salter

South Bay Food Initiative

Christine and Joseph Veeh

$100 - $499

Eric Alegria

AmazonSmile Foundation


AppleOne Employment Services - Torrance

Jean Barbazette

Cynthia and William Barnard

Janet Baszile*

The Baxter Family

Sam and Dana Bell

Yvonne Bogdanovich

Jill Bridleman

Nancy Brones

Jason Calizar

Frank Capezzuto

Christine Cassidy

Jacqueline and James Castillo

Alan and Bonny Cook

Dianne Cota

Dan and Leah Danzig

Maria Delgado and Howard Pfahler

Downtown Torrance Association

Skip and Diane Eastman

Linda Ephraim

Claudia Fitzgerald

James Freeman

Patrick and Terry Furey

Sid Gardner

Shoobie Gesten

Chuck Klaus and Marylyn Ginsburg-Klaus

Mary Graff

Pilar Hale

Shirley and Chih-Ming Ho*

Joyce Ishimoto

Sandra Jacobsen

Sonia Jolicoeur

Marilyn Kagan

Vivian Kalev

Deborah King

Margaret Kline

Marianne Kopcho

Arline Korb

Linda and Theodore Kotzin

Steve and Lisa Kovary

Debra Lauzon

Michael Laven

Thomas Lawson

Peter and Patrice Lefevre*

Roseanney Liu and Daniel Getting

Casie and Art Lopez

Lisa Lunde

Jacqueline Marks

Sheri Markus-Kennell

Dori Martinek

Kathryn McGrew

Shirley Mikami

Joe and Sheila Millman

Kevin and Susan Morrow

Michael and Cheri Morrow

Charlene and Chris Nishimura

Ted and Janie Oden

Chris Olson

Ronda Ornelas

Palos Verdes Chapter of the Links*

Robyn and Albert Peacock

Alex Petrovich

Pam Popovich

Kristen Raig

Ellen Rankin

Liz Reinhardt

Susan and Dean Reuter

Michael Reynoso

Karen Robinson

Sherry and Charles Saacke

Christine Shiinoki

Lisa and Doug Shive

Christine Siegel

Don and Kathy Smith

South Bay Junior Woman's Club

Southwest California Synod, ELCA

Shirley Starke-Wallace

Amy Startari

Molly Stewardson and Charlie Bates

Chester Stewart, Jr.

Ann Strong

Jennifer Tobkin

Judith Tomic

Torrance Memorial Medical Center*

Torrance Woman's Club

Maureen Vague

Nathan and Ruth Vogel*

Welch & Co. Accountancy Corp.*

Lauren Wessels

Beth and Steve Wilson

Jim Witoszynski

Lisa Zain

Denise Zarubica

Up to $99

Miriam Ackermann
Julie Ahamad
R. Albright
The Antaky Family
Liebe Antoine
Teri Apodaca
Lindsey Aust
Leslie and Joseph Back
Carolina Badillo
Holly Baker Kreiswirth and Bill Wolski
John and Evelyn Barnes
Esther Beard
Patricia Zaremski
Jessica Berens
Waclaw and Victoria Bilinski
Chappell Chancey
Anish Chatterjee
Cheryl Cook
Karla Cook
Nancy Cummings
Grace Danziger
Addie and Jack Davidson
Wendy De La Cruz
Hedy Deck
Roz De'Prey
Ronald and Carolyn Dipadua
Haifa El-Adli
Donald and Joan Ericson
Becky Fish
Kyle Freistedt
Melinda Gann
Anne Gardner
Patrick Garrigan
Georgan George Yantz
Doris Gilchrist
Olga Gilroy
James and Mary Gisbrecht
Judith Golden
Sue and Kurt Golden
Amy Grat
Nancy Gray
Michael and Bernice Green
Patty and Gary Hansen
Lynne and Kenneth Held
De De Hicks
Linda Hicks
Patricia Higuera
Paola Hirsch
Melyssa Jasso
Ellen Jenkins
Filip Jerzycke
Siobhan Jess Sarrell
Donald and Christina Johnson
Jim and Janey Jones
Sandra Jordan
Katy Kalata
Kamila Kennedy
Ruth and Donald Kisner
Kathy Knorr
Peter and Lyla Knudson
Joyce Kochanowski
Valerie Koontz
Ian and Sherry Kramer
David Kuroda
Bo La
Carolyn LaRocca
Dena Larsen
Peter Lesnik
David Liebman
Frank and Adrienne Livoti
Kari Lizana
Karen Llewellyn
Dora Luna
Henry and Inga Lurie
Lonna and Micheal Lynn
Sarah Malec
Alan Manack
Isabel Marino
LaVon Marshall
Norma and Jaime Martinez
David and Eunice McConaughy
Valerie Mobbs
Sneha Mohammadi
Lisa Monteiro
Charlotte Moore
Suzanne Myers
Heather Myrick
Elayne Nahman
LeRoy Nelson
Susan Nichols
Frances Noday
Rosie Olson
Ellen Orenstein
Gary Parrish
PayPal Charitable Giving Fund
Francine Plushner
Sharon and Alexander Polack
Catherine Rahm
Ralphs Grocery Company
Theda Ray
Paula Reuben
Judy Richardson
Melodie Rivers
Kathleen Roberts
Mary Roberts
Melly Rosehaven
Celia and Robert Rothman
Sharon Ryan
Ariella Salinas Fiore
Philip Schermerhorn
Margaret Schugt
Melanie Schugt
Nanci and Jerry Schultz
Jackie and Al Schutte
Yolanta Schwartz
Lillian Scott
Ken Seeraty
Linda and Dennis Shumake
Brian Sieroty
Deborah Smith
Marianna Smith
Philip Smith
Karoline Snakenborg
Lynn Solomita
Denise Solomon
The Sorrells Family
Darlene Sowers
Barbara Spahr
Joyce Stout
Melissa Swift
Judy and Stanley Tobias
Kristin Towers Rowles
Theodore Vardalos
Daniel and Carolyn Veeh
Leah Verrill Heitz
Paul Vukmanic
Sue Walker
George Weatherford
Alexandra Weiss
Barbara Westigard
Judith White
Denita Willoughby
Lisa Yondorf
Mike Zeitzew
Natalie Zurawski
*Includes donations to Visions of Unity. The Volunteer Center serves as Fiscal Sponsor for this annual collaboration.