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Affinity Group Donors

The Affinity Group was founded in 2005 as a support group for the Volunteer Center. Members of the Affinity Group work together to support Operation Teddy Bear and other Volunteer Center programs through fundraising events and projects, making a difference in the lives, education and futures of the underserved children and their families. Click here to learn more.

We are grateful to the following Affinity Group officers and the entire membership:

Affinity Group
2018-2019 Board of Directors

Dianne Bozler

Vice President
Cherri Olson & Jane Jones


Joyce Kochanowski

Pilar Hale

Adrienne Ang

Pauline Beecroft

Past President
De De Hicks

2018-2019 Members

Jean Adelsman

Adrienne Ang

Pam Barrett-Hill

Janet Baszile

Pauline Beecroft

Nancy Bell

Dianne Bozler

Virginia Butler

Jacqueline (Jackie) Crowley

Anne Destabelle

Francine Gamble

Pilar Hale

De De Hicks

Jane (Janey) Jones 

Mildred Jones

Lea Ann King

Joyce Kochanowski

Arline Korb

Grace Leonard

Diana Martin

Marsha Mashouf 

Sara Myers

Cherri Olson

Maureen (Mo) Pugsley

Kathy Roberts

Jennifer Ryan Marshall

Sharon Ryan

Sandra Rzepnick

Donna Scherlacher 

Susan Seager

Silia Sofko

Shirley Starke-Wallace

Maureen Vague