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PLEASE NOTE: The Court Referred Community Service Offices are now open with limited resources. Click here for office locations and hours.

Hospital and Morgue (HAM) Program Update: Classes have resumed.

Please contact us at or (310) 212-7997 for more information. Thank you!

All guests must wear masks and practice social distancing when visiting the Volunteer Center. Plexiglas barriers have been added for everyone’s safety. In addition, we ask that you do not enter the building if you are experiencing symptoms of respiratory illness, including fever or cough.

Questions? Call (310) 212-7997 or email Court Referral Staff

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 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Court Ordered Community Service Registration Become an Approved Agency for Court Referral Volunteers
Hospital and Morgue (HAM) Program Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) - Victim Impact Panel (VIP)
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About the Court Referral Community Service Program

The Court Referral Community Service (CRCS) program provides assistance to thousands of clients who are given community service by the courts as an alternative sentence. CRCS staff works with eligible nonprofits in the community to help court volunteers complete their service. They also coordinate participation in the Hospital and Morgue (HAM) Program and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Victim Impact Panels to help build awareness and empathy for people with specific offenses. This ensures that court volunteers can maintain their employment, education and other positive influences while completing their community service.

Court Ordered Community Service Registration

Court volunteers are interviewed and matched with the needs of public and private nonprofit agencies. Court volunteers are also further matched with service opportunities based on their availability, where they reside, and their offense.

To register, you must come to one of our offices with the following:

  • Court Referral Paperwork 
  • Photo Identification (ID)
  • Registration Fee (Cash, Visa/MasterCard or Money Order):
  Hours Fee  
  1-20 hours $40  
  21-50 hours $45  
  51-100 hours $55  
  101-300 hours $60  
  301-500 hours $85  
  501 or more hours $100  

A complete list of all our locations and hours can be found here. Questions? Please call one of our offices near you or email us at

Become an Approved Agency for Court Referral Volunteers:

Any agencies that are interested in becoming a part of our Court Referral Community Service (CRCS) Program should contact our Agency Relations Manager at (310) 212-7997. Agencies must go through a screening process to determine eligibility.

Hospital and Morgue (HAM) Program:

The HAM Program is an alternative sentence or condition of probation for use in the sentencing of DUI, reckless driving, and related offenses. To learn more and find out how to sign up, click here.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) - Victim Impact Panel (VIP)

Please Note: Contact us at or (310) 212-7997 for the current status of MADD VIP classes and availability.

The purpose of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Victim Impact Panel (VIP) is to help DWI/DUI offenders realize the lasting and long-term effects of substance-impaired driving, to create an empathy and understanding of the tragedy, to leave an impression that will change thinking and behavior, and to prevent future offenses from occurring. At a VIP class, victims and survivors of substance-impaired driving crashes speak briefly about the crash in which they were injured and/or in which a loved one was killed or injured, and how it impacts their lives.

You must have court referral paperwork and pre-register to attend a MADD-VIP session at the Volunteer Center. To register for the MADD-VIP Program, come to one of our offices with your court referral paperwork, your photo ID and $20 (Cash, Visa/MasterCard or Money Order). Please click here to find an office location near you. Questions? Please call one of our offices near you or email us at

Comments and Reviews About Our Programs

"The staff was very helpful from the first day I registered to the day I completed my community service hours. They found a location closer to home and they worked with me because I did not have any transportation."

"Thank you for hiring quality staff! They make our lives easier."

"I highly recommend this office. The lady was very professional and thorough with the assignment. I thought the process was going to be more complex but, no, it was quick and easy."

"The clerk was very informative and prompt. Always does an AWESOME JOB."

"After calling several offices in LA County, I was glad to know the South Bay had reasonable prices in comparison to the rest."

"The staff is very professional, personable and friendly."

"I really appreciated the site where I was assigned. I had a wonderful experience with the staff and my site."

"The employees are very helpful. They are awesome!"

"I was hesitant to come and sign up because of some google reviews, but at the end I was very satisfied with the service."

"The staff was great! Informative and courteous service."

For more information about the Volunteer Center's Court Referral Community Service Program or to sign up, please visit one of our six offices.